ISO 22301 is the Business Continuity Management System standard. Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) has been developed to protect companies from the risks related to downtime which may occur due to unexpected disruptions or disasters. Disruptions to your business can result in revenue loss, data risk breakdowns, and failure to deliver normal client services as per service level agreements (SLAs). ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Systems certification will guide a corporation on how best to plan for such eventualities.
Implementing a strong BCMS can aid your organization in quickly getting sick from a disaster or disruption. The BCMS can also safeguard a company against the reputational harm which can occur from incomprehensible deadlines, information spillages, operational, IT outages, industrial actions, unsuccessful customers, or direct money losses because of the disruption.

ISO 22301

ISO 22301 Certification gives the following Benefits:

Customer satisfaction-Deliver products that consistently meet customer requirements and carrier this is reliable and may be relied on.
Business resilience-Avoid downtime and monetary losses with effective management of risk, emergency preparation and contingency planning
Legal compliance -Understand how statutory and regulatory necessities affect your business.
Improved risk management -Greater consistency and traceability of services and products way troubles are less complicated to keep away from and rectify.
Proven business credentials-Independent verification towards a globally identified enterprise widespread speaks volumes.
Ability to win more business- Procurement specifications usually need certification as a condition to produce, therefore certification opens doors.
Global popularity as a good supplier–Certification is identified across the world and typical for the duration of enterprise delivery chains, setting business benchmarks for sourcing suppliers.

What industries should implement ISO 22301 ?

ISO 22301 is best suited to organizations that have the luxury of managing periods while not disruption. IT companies, for instance,, cannot afford outages as this could mean the difference in clients moving to competitors that appear more reliable. As markets grow a lot of competitive implementing systems like ISO 22301 will mean the difference in retaining and growing your client base. In recent years we have seen different industries like construction and the public sector implement the standard. If your organization must assure clients, staff, and stakeholders that you simply have an idea in place to manage disruptions that minimize period, then ISO 22301 certification is the right option.
ISO 22301 Standard is applicable to all or any types of organizations irrespective of their size, nature or geography such as:

Health Care
Medical Devices

The ISO 22301 standard uses a structure of ten clauses referred to as Annex SL which roughly grouped together, cover four key areas:

1. Continuity – the processes your business should follow to run a made Business Continuity Management System and monitor, prevent, assess and endure disruptions to your business
2. Management Responsibility – the areas where your management team got to specialize in, be involved and be accountable for
3. Resource Management – how resources like people, infrastructure and facilities must be assigned to make sure the simplest possible performance
4. Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement – how you can determine if your Management System is functioning evidently, facilitating the continual improvement of your system