ISO 17020 Certification

What is ISO 17020:2012?

ISO 17020 Certification indicates the necessities for the capacities of elements performing review and the unprejudiced nature and consistency of their assessment exercises.


Private customers, parent associations, or specialists are helped by Inspection bodies or substances to complete appraisals for their benefit, with the goal of giving data about the similarity of the assessed things with guidelines, measures, particulars, examination plans or agreements.

Type A

The Type An assessment body gives “outsider” investigation administrations. The examination body and its staff don’t participate in any exercises that could strife with their autonomy of judgment and trustworthiness towards their review exercises.

Type B

The Type B review body shapes a different and recognizable piece of an Organization and is set up to stock assessment administrations to its parent association.

Type C

The Type C assessment body is a recognizable piece of an association and is built up to stock review administrations to its parent association just as other outer associations.

ISO 17020 Requirements:

ISO 17020 requires for the investigation bodies or ISO accreditation advisors to pursue a rundown of systems before they can give assessments.

The rundown is as per the following:

A strategy to guarantee that people or associations separate from the examination body can’t impact the consequences of reviews by the ISO 17020 Certification – authorize association.

Appropriately laid out duties of the executives.

An arrangement for restorative activity.

A delineated methodology for the consideration and upkeep of hardware.

A methodology for choosing qualified providers.

A delineated methodology for buying.

Documentation for the review of materials gotten by the association.

Methodology for fitting storerooms

A framework for ensuring the respectability of information created by the association.

A technique for guaranteeing the security of information delivered by the association.

A technique for managing inadequate gear.

Procedure(s) set up for performing reviews.

Predefined procedure(s) set up for performing non-standard reviews.

Predefined procedure(s) set up for maintaining a strategic distance from crumbling or harm to investigation things.

A methodology for managing objections.

An arrangement for managing advances against the consequences of assessments.